4 Minutes …

The time is currently 11:56 pm on the last day of January. That means in a little less than 4 minutes now, we will be in the month of February. Yes, THAT month. The only month that earns my disdain almost as much as December.

“Why?” I can hear you asking to your computer screen. “Why do you dislike February so much? Did it hurt you as a small child and not apologize? Perhaps it told you a joke that you didn’t think was funny. Comedy is different for everyone…” I then cut you off and let you know.

This is the month of Love. Singing, dancing, sweet kisses, chocolate, candy hearts kind of Love. That’s the problem. Too many people believe that Love is cute, wrapped in chocolate, dipped in whipped cream, covered in sprinkles and topped with a cherry.

Love with a big “L” is commercial and crass. It winks a knowing eye in your direction as it pats you on the buttocks. Big “L” love is amazing in its ability to tug at your heart with pictures of moon-eyed cats, dogs and children with Valentine’s cards and candy confections. I dislike big “L” love.

I like small “l” love. Its simple and quiet. It asks how your day was and offers a listening ear. It takes your breath away now the same way it did when you met the love of your life for the first time. It remembers after 40 years the color of her dress on the first date or how he brought a single rose to you on a random day.

That is love, and that is what this month should be.


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