What Is It About Me …

What is it about me that makes men dump me (or I dump them) and then they turn around and get together with someone else? Not only that, but then move in together in less than a year? Am I that hard of a person to deal with?

I just talked to an ex that got together with his now current boyfriend less than a month after we broke up. THEIR MOVING IN TOGETHER IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS!

Am I missing something?

Yes, I know he could have lied and told me that they got together after when it actually happened before. I’ve thought of this. I considered the timing and I found it a bit odd, suspect, worth a second look. Or a third.

I asked him the question, even told him that the timing was odd. His answer,. His fucking one word answer.


That ladies and gentlemen, is an exact quote. No sentence. No capital. No punctuation. No explanation. Zilch.

(Heavy, labored breathing in the background.)

Ok, so I didn’t ask for an explanation of his answer and I didn’t really want one. Also, his timing might be suspect, but we’re no longer together, so it’s none of my business. I just wanted an answer.

Sometimes questions can be painful.


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