I’ve Got My Shovel … Let’s Go Dig Up Grandpa

So if your wondering at the title of this post (and really, you should be) I can explain it.  I’m in the process of looking through my family tree.  No need to call the police.  Nothing nefarious here, move along move along.

Seriously though, for years I’ve occasionally wondered about my family and their history. I know quite a bit about my mom’s side, but almost nothing about my dad. After my parents split and my dad stopped showing up for his court appointed visits, information was hard to come by. My mom only really had contact with my dad’s grandmother Leona and sister Sandy.  The rest of the family was, as she put it, trash.

I know a few things about my dad. Born in 1942, he is the second son of my grandfather Johnny and first child of my grandmother Pauline. He had three other siblings and another half-brother after Johnny and Pauline got a divorce. He was horribly burned as a kid and may have been treated at Johns Hopkins or St. Jude. He was in the hospital for nearly three years.  He served in the Navy during Korea but was in the brig for most of that time for going AWOL to go on alcoholic benders.

So, to help me find out more info about that side of the family, I signed up for Ancestry.com. It’s an awesome site and has helped me so much. The problem is that my dad may have been born on the Cherokee Indian reservation and the website doesn’t have records for those births.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all in on my current obsession. It will follow-on the heels of Videogames, Books, Music, and Knitting.

Yes, I knit.

Stop looking at me like that.


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