I’m Not Crazy M’Lynn … I’ve Just Been In A Very Bad Mood For Forty Years

So this last week was a doozy.  The pressure of work finally got to me and I snapped like a wooden chair trying to hold an elephant. It wasn’t pretty. Someone may have been tasered, but nothing has been confirmed yet.
As many of you know, I work for a large national corporation that specializes in asking their customers to expect more while paying less. Recently, HQ decided to “end” a program that takes employees and makes them “specialized” in a particular department. This means that the employee was responsible for a department (putting out product, cleaning up, putting out new product when it comes in, etc…).
Along with this responsibility came a few perks: extra pay, better hours, and preferential treatment in scheduling. Extra pay coupled with better hours than most employees was in of itself a benefit because you could pay your bills or save a little cash for a rainy day. The preferential treatment in scheduling worked out to be that your schedule was simi-regular, with one set day a week that you were off and every other weekend off.
There are a few drawbacks. The work load is intense, help can be hard to find, demands for your time are … jarring.  Most of the benefits outweigh the drawbacks or at least make them tolerable.
The problem is now with the company doing away with the program and most of the benefits, the job is a giant drawback.  No more weekends off and no more steady work. The demands are the same though and your expected to do it the same way.
To give you an example, this last week I transitioned my department for part of my new spring set. A job that could easily take a whole week for one person to do, I had to try and accomplish in two or three days because my hours had been cut from 38 to 27.  With 11 hours missing, it makes the days a little intense and a little hectic.  Also this last weekend was the third weekend in a row that I worked.
If you have never worked retail on a weekend, imagine trying to run a daycare center with 100 five year-olds who have all just woken up from a nap and a super excited, you have to take an algebra quiz at the same time that’s written in Spanish, all the while conducting a job interview. It’s that kind of nerve-wracking.
So I lost it.
I’m grateful to have a job, especially after this last year. I love most of the people I work with and the job can be a blast most of the time. I just feel like I was sucker punched.

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